PreK & K (U5/U6)

Just like you can’t expect to succeed in building a tree-house in a sapling, you cannot expect a U5/U6 player to have the skills and coordination seen in a traditional “soccer” game. Soccer at the U5/U6 level is all about fun – developing a love for the game that will lead to the internal motivation that will drive the player to want to develop his or her skills at the older ages. The primary focus of the coach must be creating an environment where this can occur. The foundational skills laid out in this guide are essential to forming the strong foundation required for more advanced athletic development.

We at Arlington Soccer Club have put together a Coaches guide to help you get the best out of being a coach at this age group. We wanted to give you the support and necessary tools to help guide you to becoming the best coach you can be and ultimately providing the children you coach the best experience you can. Please use this as a guide and take what you need from it. We hope you can utilize this coaching tool and that it give you the support you may need.

PreK & K Age Group Guide

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