Pre-K/K Overview

Where it all starts:


Welcome coaches, below are attached week by week session plans. Please take a look at what we have planned for the season. These session plan’s are tailor made to suit the needs of the children in a fun and friendly environment. This is hopefully the first of many years for these children in the soccer world, it’s down to us as coaches to provide them with the best start they can get.

There are 3 types of games which you will become familiar with during your time as a coach this season,they are Maze Games; games which allow children to explore in 360 degrees and include changes in direction on the move etc, Body Awareness; Games which encourage the children to use multiple body parts in multiple ways to enhance motor skills etc, and Target Games; games which challenge the children to figure out how to get from A to B and are more direct in motion e.g. sharks and minos.

Please remember we are changing the game to suit the characteristics of this age group – not trying to get these little people to play what we understand to be soccer (which is an adult game). This is what will keep them in the game, develop their overall athletic abilities and sends them home with happy smiling faces.

Finally we as the coach’s set the tone for the session so be prepared to become one of the kids. We look forward to see you at the U5 and U6 weekend clinics.

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