Player Development Objectives for the U7/U8 Age Group

(based on Components of the Game for the U7/U8 Age Group as identified by US Youth Soccer)



  • Player understands qualities of a rolling or spinning ball (knows where it’s going to go).
  • Player can lift ball
  • Player understands block tackle
  • Player can receive ground balls with the inside and sole of the foot
  • Player shoots with the inside of the foot
  • Player uses toe passing and shooting
  • Player can dribble while changing direction.
  • Player can execute a push pass


  • Agility
  • Eye-foot and eye-hand coordination
  • Balance


  • Player works in pairs with other teammates
  • Player exhibits good sportsmanship
  • Player needs limited parental involvement
  • Player understands general concepts of how to play
  • Player has good emotional management
  • Player uses creativity


  • Player understands roles of back line and forward line
  • Player understands 1v1 attack and choosing to dribble or pass
  • Player uses problem solving in small sided situations
  • Player cooperates with teammates to play together (passing)
  • Player understands to run back to help on defense

US Youth Soccer Player Development Model – October, 2013 – Available on ASC Website.

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